I am the son of Rolf Koch ( ROKO Stereobildtechnik, awarded by the "German Society Of Stereoscopy DGS", "International Stereoscopic Union ISU", "Photographic Society Of America").
I graduated from the university of applied science in the photogrammetric faculty and have a diploma in geo-informatics. Currently in my main job, I am working as a senior consultant for photogrammetric software - stereoscopic aerial survey. As stereoscopic 3D imagery and their processing therefore is my daily business, from my profession alone I am already bringing a wide expertise for photographs and stereo 3D. 
Inspired by the successes of my father I started being interested in stereoscopy already as a teenager. 
In addition to the extraordinary self-made analogue camera systems, based on professional Hasselblad optics in 6x6 medium format, I am currently shooting with customized stereo rigs made of two digital Canon EOS, and SONY alpha 7R, and a Nikon Coolscan 9000ED medium format scanner. 
My job regularly brings me to terrific places like in Asia, Amerikas, Europe and Scandinavia. Loving to travel combined with my passion for stereoscopic photographs lead to a huge compilation of images from all over the world. Some of the imagery even made it into book productions like with "Terra Magica". 
I am glad if visitors to my website are getting curious about stereoscopic 3D. The signs of time are looking great to more and more easily view stereoscopic 3D images and videos at home or even on smartphones. I hope to be able to contribute to spread the interest in that great photographic topic. From my experience, also in public presentations and shows, who ever has watched stereoscopic content, sees images at a totally different scale - the do no longer want to do without the 3rd dimension.  
Thomas Koch
Main regions of focus:
Alps (Switzerland, Austria)
Central Europe
General Topics:
Landscape and Nature
Macro (close range - plants etc.)
Technical (e.g. Mercedes, Porsche)

Published books (Terra Magica "Die Welt der Berge in 3D")
electronic (DVD, CD, Blu-Ray 3D)

Events, weddings, portrait...
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